Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat
Department of Human Resource Development

PhD in Human Resource Development


Course objectives:

  1. Familiarity with various methods of conducting empirical research.
  2. Familiarity with important research terms and concepts.
  3. Ability to assess the benefits of research applied to social sciences.

Syllabus for Entrance Test of M.Phil and Ph.D. in HRD/HRM Subject
Course Contents:

Unit - I

What is research?
Types of Research
Some Contemporary thoughts on Research
Basic, Applied, Action, evaluation Research
Preparation of Research Proposal :
Process of Preparation of Research Proposal
Research Questions

Unit - II

Literature Review:
Electronic database
Advance Research
Research Methods:
Qualitative Research - Ethnographic, Naturalist, Case study, Participative observation.
Quantitative Research - Survey, Experimental method.

Unit - III

Tools and Techniques of Research:
Qualitative Research - Focused Group Interviews, In-Depth Interviews, Content Analysis, Corroboration and Triangulation.
Quantitative Research - Questionnaire, Interview Schedule, Observation Schedule.

Unit - IV

Sampling: Types of Sampling, Techniques of Sampling for Quantitative and Qualitative Studies
Reporting research - Structure of a research report, writing quantitative and qualitative research.

Paper I: Research Methodology
Paper II: Applied Statistics and Computer Applications
Paper III: Subject and contents will be determined by the concerned supervisor.

Assessment will be done on the basis of Seminar, term paper, review of literature and presentations.
Assessment will also be done through seen/unseen tests.

Passing Criteria:

  1. Student shall secure a minimum of 50% marks separately in each paper or a course to pass out from 100 marks. The distribution 100 marks in each paper are as follow.

    • Assignment(10 Marks)
    • Seminar(10 Marks)
    • Lectures(10 Marks)
    • Self Study(Review of Literature)(20 Marks)
    • Seen/unseen examination(50 Marks)

  2. If students fail to secure 50% marks in each paper he/she has to repeat coursework in concern paper.
  3. The Course will be offered during regular working days/Sunday's/holidays depends upon the convenience of resource person.

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