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Department of Human Resource Development

Recommended Journals

Recommended Journals
The American Economic Review
Journal of Business and Psychology
American Educational Research Journal
The Journal of Conflict Resolution
American Journal of Agricultural Economics
Journal of Consumer Psychology
American Journal of Education
The Journal of Developing Areas
American Journal of Political Science
Journal of Economic Issues
The American Journal of Psychology
Journal of Economic Literature
The American Journal of Sociology
The Journal of Economic Perspectives
Asian Affairs
Journal of Educational Measurement
The Journal of Finance
The Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis
BMJ: British Medical Journal
The Journal of Higher Education
British Educational Research Journal
The Journal of Human Resources
British Journal of International Studies
The Journal of Insurance
British Journal of Political Science
Journal of International Marketing
The British Journal of Sociology
Journal of Labor Economics
The British Medical Journal
Journal of Law and Economics
Brookings Papers on Economic Activity
The Journal of Marketing
The Cambridge Law Journal
Journal of Marketing Research
Classical Philology
The Journal of Philosophy
Econometric Theory
The Journal of Philosophy, Psychology and Scientific Methods
The Journal of Political Economy
Economic and Political Weekly
Journal of Post Keynesian Economics
Economic Development and Cultural Change
Management Science
The Economic Journal
Oxford Economic Papers
Oxford Review of Education
Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies
Philosophy of Science
Harvard Law Review
Public Administration Review
Harvard Review
Public Choice
International Economic Review
The Review of Economics and Statistics
Journal of Applied Econometrics
Sociological Methodology
The Journal of Asian Studies
Journal of Business & Economic Statistics
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